About Us

Here is a place that we are giving ourselves to freedom.
Freedom to be judicious, inventive and spirited.
To offer a standard of authenticity, humility and ingenuity. 
To reflect Christ in sharing our lives as we make much of every moment, 
savoring each story, seeing in full color, illuminating our triumphs with our imperfections.

About Lauren


How much time do you have?

Impossible to encapsulate her compassion and effervescence in a simple paragraph- her’s is a world of fierce values, aromatic relationships, great food, better wine, and is positively one worth getting lost in.

This girl is brilliant with life- epitomizing complexity, insight, loyalty and possibly the most recognizable laugh… all in a miniature 5’3″ frame. Raised in an Italian family (the girl can cook- but not for less than 10 people) in Orange County, she got her degree in Business and Communications whilst surrounded by the vineyards and rolling hills of Sonoma, CA.

Lauren moved to LA in 2011 on somewhat of a whim, following a sensible job offer. Shortly after her relocation, she integrated into a community of Christians at Reality LA, where her current vocation and purpose is realized in full time ministry.

As one of the most fervent hypochondriacs to walk planet earth, Lauren defied everyone’s preconceived notions when she visited an impoverished area of Haiti to partner with an organization of children’s orphanages.  She was swift to dig strong, deep roots (as she does) in Haiti and visited again 6 months later….and again 6 months after that…

Her perspective is strong and her heart is soft, she truly loves people and determines to let them know it.

P.S. On the off chance that you’re in desperate need of a cup of coffee, for sure you’ll find a few half full mugs in the backseat of her car. She won’t miss it.

About Rachel


AKA “Bun”

…Since she almost succeeded in turning her whole head into a mega-dread by wearing only a bun for years on end.

Growing up in a tight knit (LOUD) family in LA, she has developed a deep sense of herself, an awareness of others, and a mean breakfast potato recipe.

She is incomparably authentic, a firm believer in honoring and remaining true to who God has made you. Her inner life is rich and full and fascinating. If you could open her head, you’d likely find a symphony the size of the LA Philharmonic.

She is the best combo of strength and sensitivity. A beautiful dance of the 2. (She wanted me to add that she doesn’t in fact dance).  She’s all about her people, willing to always “go there” with you. Whether it’s in the middle of the bread aisle or a room full of people, she sees you and is ready and willing to lay herself aside for the sake of loving the other.

Rachel resides in the East Side with her husband Andrew…If you stop by, she’ll definitely feed you. She’s currently pursuing the craft and career of hairstyling, because in her words: “Hair is such a big deal”. She desires to eventually bring her gifts to the marginalized.

She’s cheeky and clever, “not about” Disneyland, and has a knack for cooking something out of nothing.


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