Kinda. If a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) counts as a pet, then the above statement is accurate.

If you follow Rachel on Instagram, you’ve undoubtedly seen a few snippets of her new journey into the slimy, fermented, grosssssss, scary interesting world of homemade Kombucha.

How intimidating though?! I definitely tinkered with the idea for no less than 3 years and wrote it off as something I never had the time/patience for. BUT, DON’T BELIEVE THE LIE PEOPLE! I will tell you though, that making Kombucha is a slippery slope (little pun for my fellow brewers). Maybe it’s like the organic gateway drug to becoming a little more hippie. Soon I’ll be hanging eucalyptus in my shower, using beet-based lip stick and be a one-woman apothecary of essential oils. I hope so.

Quick breakdown- Kombucha is a fermented drink that has been around foreva. It’s chalked FULL of billions of probiotics that are real good at keeping your gut bacteria (ew) balanced and healthy, which basically keeps the rest of you working like it should.

We’ve been actively trying to get in the “homemade” game for a while, starting with more manageable things like hummus and cashew milk, so branching out to the booch was an intimidating/exciting step for us little Inks.

That being said, IT’S SO SIMPLE AND WE LOVE IT. There is also something beautiful about seeing something through from creation to fruition and knowing that it cares for you body.

We have made it a challenge to only flavor our batches with things that we have been given by friends from their gardens, picked ourselves or are from our local farmers market finds. First batch included a variety of mint, kumquats, lemons, lavender, and ginger.

I started brewing when it was a little colder at night, and the temperature affects your brew if it drops below or above the sweet zone- so I frantically rush ordered a heating pad from Amazon to keep my SCOBY cozy. In the meantime it was emergency wrapped in a wool blanket, making it quite the topic of conversation on our kitchen counter.

As you continue to brew, your original culture will grow new layers… aka you can share the wealth! You can separate the layers of the SCOBY or if its not coming apart easily, you can just rip right through it (you can’t hurt it!) and pass it along to a friend who wants to take the trip down fermentation lane.

So, in conclusion- making Kombucha is good for your tummy, yeah, but more importantly will ramp up your street cred as a homemade herby addition to a summer cocktails.

For all you brewer babies out there:

-The Kit: The Kombucha Shop

-My SCOBY was robust and hydrated and has performed excellently! The kit is affordable ($54 a pop!) and it includes easy instructions (which can also be found on the website).

-The process is very simple actually, it just takes some trial and error with the flavors/potency that you prefer. Which is all apart of the fun of it.




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