Fridays are the exceptions to my week. 

Fridays are indicative of no alarms, open windows, cleaning the disaster that ensued Sunday-Thursday, french presses, waffles and, HER.

This is a tale of how I made one of my most prized possessions, my Friday Friend.

Fridays are not as lazy as Saturdays and hold a different kind of adrenaline. It’s fun and freedom and the beginning of the ever anticipated break from the psychotic routine of my life. It’s only fitting that she is apart of it. She learned my schedule enough to know that Fridays are those moments in my week where she can jump in and soak up some sweet time. To say that her desire for a friendship was humbling is an understatement.

She’s simple and extraordinary. A classic beauty. Striking as she is familiar, with that Georgia inflection, it’s hard not to find her endearing. We have polar opposite lives. It scared me at first. She was so different than me. So unfamiliar and so exciting. Maybe I was intimidated. Or maybe she was representative of everything I wish I was a little more of. She is light and easy, funny and silly. And she holds a high value for fun and enjoyment. There is this intrinsic beauty in the simplicity of her desire to enjoy.

Intentionality and specificity in spending time with people is important, yes. But I also want to be someone who equally enjoys the mere presence of another. When ‘hangin’ (as she says in her Georgia draw), is enough in and of itself. No rules, no agenda, no checking one another off of our “people to keep up with” list. Being is enough, laughing is enough and the experience of it all is enough. I want that in my life. I need that in my life.

She didn’t want something from me. I didn’t fill a need or provide her with a tool or resource that she couldn’t find anywhere else. I’m not the most pivotal person in her life or even sacrificed a lot to earn her friendship. She just flat out likes me. And honestly? This has changed me. I didn’t know I was enjoyable to her. I didn’t know I was worth it enough to hit up every single Thursday night to say ‘We hangin’ tomorrow?!’ Yeah- it’s a core issue. I fight those insidious lies all the time. She healed a little place of my heart that only she could have, at the time that she did, as the person that she was. She did it with a simple thing-availability. She was available to me, and sent the text. I wonder how many people can benefit from simply reaching out.

She became my Friday Friend. The light moment in my week. A reminder that life is to be enjoyed. That sometimes I can relax and giggle and eat food that’s not good for my tummy because sometimes it’s just darn good for my soul.

Everyone, in my opinion, needs a Friday Friend.

-inks (c/o Lauren)


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