Direction is one of those weird words, like pressure-y and buzz-y and we’re still very uncertain what the general consensus of its meaning is.

We do however, feel that we have somewhat obtained this illusive direction! Or at least we have some hopes, some things we’re believing for for this next year, this next season.

The notion of setting resolutions, errr, intentions for the upcoming year is fascinating to us. It speaks to the heart of humanity to continually seek to evolve, to develop, to thrive. That desire to flourish is urging us toward the things that we really, really believe in.

When we first started this blog, we talked and talked and talked about how to represent ourselves as honestly as we possibly could. We wrestled with it, we studied it, we turned it on its side and looked at it from every angle that we knew existed. Anndddd, we even argued about it a little…

Big questions for us: how do we be gracious through a screen? Sincere in our words? Get you to understand what we truly mean, actually write well- all while being ourselves, humble and unafraid. How do we hold true to who we are when we change ALL THE TIME? How do we remain consistent when we love so many things and people and the very nature of life itself? And then the classic questions every blogger gets, “are we a lifestyle blog? food blog? fashion blog? a relationship blog?”. WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEANNNN.

It’s so easy to just fall in line with the herd. “We can’t do that, blogs don’t do that”. But who gets to decide? We do, now! We are two wildly eclectic souls with complicated lives and inner worlds that are vast and deep. We just can’t be encapsulated in a few lil squares on your phone. And we had to stop expecting ourselves to get there.

So, we have some words for this year.

After spending much kitchen-table-time contemplating our “direction” (and which shoes we needed to borrow from one another), we think we know what we’re all about.


We’re always about people. Our people, all people, you. Admittedly, our direction is broad and slightly vague, but oh, how varied and complex and idiosyncratic are people. We want to spend more time giving prominence to the people in our lives and the people we meet. Prominence to the people we adore and admire and aspire to be like. We intend to convey more of our lives, not because they are spectacular or even particularly pulled together, but precisely because they are not. We all need a little bit more of that these days, we think.

Our other point of emphasis that we feel so giddy, strong about is food.

Because come on, it’s SO pivotal. It’s completely essential to our very LIFE while remaining creative, complimentary, fun, communal, frustrating at times, connective, handsy, and pretty cute for our grams (sassy face). We both grew up in families that appreciate the fulfillment of a first-rate meal and the history in the hands that made it. We want to let you guys into this part of us, of our own history. Our ideologies and ethics around the food we eat are ever evolving, and always dear to our hearts.

So, for the eaters among us (ahem, all of you), this is our official invitation to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the over-the-sink midnight snackies.




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