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As we, Inks, have spent the last few months collecting ourselves, letting others love us, mend us, we’ve finally found the strength to dive back into this sacred part of our two hearts- tapping into the creation of putting words to a page for our people.

As we cozied up in our adorable hotel room with the rain singing on the windowsill in the beginning of our “inspiration retreat”, with tears and laughter and a little red wine, we began to meander through the events, trials and triumphs of this last year (let’s be honest, we both cried)… and as we reflected back on our last post during a time of utter chaos- or as we like to call it, our time of “triage” – little did we know how big these words would be for us in the months following their declaration. Our tiny human hearts have big power in our divine creativity that we want to celebrate and honor. Our gratitude for togetherness has never been stronger, neither it seems, has the assault on it been fiercer.

We realize the power of believing for things and stating them aloud, even if it feels cliché or you’re just not feeling it, but you believe DEEP, deep down it’s true and you so want it to be. Oh, how the events and details of our lives can be governed by walking in those beliefs; living those beliefs!

Faith is a fearsome thing.

When we look back on those words and the season that followed, we now realize the motion that was set in place as we spoke them in faith, as we believed in them. We feel they deserve restating…

– – –

“Work hard to break walls and unnecessary boundaries built in fear and held up by weak and feeble arms. Invite yourself in and knock on doors and share your belongings and your money and your whole self. 

Expect to be loved in return, expect to be received and liked and wanted. It saves a lot of time and cuts through so much of the unnecessary. You know deep in your being that you’re worth loving, so it’s better not to pretend in an effort to “keep yourself safe”. 

Show up and ask questions and dig in and don’t run when things get hard, because we are certain…no, we swear to you that one day you are going to need these people. You are going to need the ones that crawl into your bed with you late at night when the tears won’t stop. You are going to need the ones that force you to eat when you think you can’t and spend the night on your couch just so you know that you aren’t alone. You are going to need the ones that push you so hard to stop choosing the lies that you finally break and finally believe

It’s this love and those people that will make you thankful in hindsight when tragedy hits or that grief overtakes, because you would never have seen this side of them otherwise. You would never have seen their capacity for love or seen our God’s love in a way that is only experienced through suffering.

We want to be able to tell you that you don’t have to work hard to experience deep friendship. We want to tell you that it’s a free gift with no strings attached so that you don’t read this and run to isolation because you’ve believed that you don’t have what it takes to push that hard and go that deep. 

But we can’t, it really is that hard and it takes years of sowing and messing up and fumbling through and letting everyone see you messing up and fumbling through- all those strings tangled up and all those strings attached and getting stronger and stronger. It takes you doing the horrifying thing of exposing yourself. Your whole self—all of your heart and all of your mess. Not just part of it, but the ugliest, scariest, most dreadful parts and nothing less. Not even a speck.”

– – – 

So in respect of the passing of time and moving into new spaces (can we get an amen?), here goes it…

God functions outside of time and yet he created seasons, the turning of leaves and shifts in the Spirit and palpable newness that evolves through death and life and growth and choice. The beauty in the turn of a year is more significant than we often acknowledge. The turn of a clock to a new day for that matter, the fact of the rise of the sun for every new morning- there’s something going on behind the scenes here. It’s not man-made, it’s not unintentional or passive or fleeting.

There are hands pushing us forward, a heart that beats for those He loves, for those He created and a desire for us to open our eyes and see the shifting He is ever so gently nudging us towards.

We love the new year.

We love the start of something and the adrenaline that the unknown brings.

In downright honesty, we also hate it… but truly isn’t that just fear in a disguise?

We love the new vista and the endless opportunities that “could be”.

We love the second chances. And third and forth and fifth.

THIS is an opportunity for us to acknowledge what’s going on beneath the surface. To acknowledge what the Father is bringing about as we slumber through the night. We don’t always feel the changes and shifts. We don’t always have the opportunity like a December turning into a January to acknowledge them. But how sweet of our Lord to make it obvious… to say “here is something for you to grab ahold of and take advantage of seeing more of my power in the passing of time and the moving of life forward”.

We love January.

We aren’t scared of January. 

And we aren’t going to let it go unnoticed.

We are rubbing our eyes clear, taking inventory of these gifts and treasures that surround us, offering shouts of thanks in our souls as we connect and share and revel in the humanness of our lives and the Saints that we reside with.

We look back and say “thank you for never leaving us”, and we look forward with an assurance of goodness and hopefulness and expectancy- not blind, no. Our eyes that have seen too much to be blind, and hearts that have been broken and bones that have felt dry. Healing we are, ignorant we are not. And the most excellent part about all of it, is that the best TRULY is yet to come.

We’re thankful for all of you that read and care.

Just a little food for thought.



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