We’re back! Kinda.

We Inks have fallen into some rough times these last few weeks—some heartache that has left us exhausting all our faculties just to get through our days. With our basic needs met there has been little to no room for creativity, so the blog has been on the back burner, you guys get it. It might be a little touch and go for this little while as we find our new rhythm, thanks for your graciousness.

Our intention with starting this blog was to be honest through the seasons and trials of life, but, honestly, it’s really hard and really scary to be transparent with an unknown audience. We have had to remind ourselves often why we believe in vulnerability, and these last few weeks have done just that- reminded us of the absolute necessity of “going there” and letting our heart be shared. Here goes:

Cultivate community.

Work hard to break walls and unnecessary boundaries built in fear and held up by weak and feeble arms.

Invite yourself in and knock on doors and share your belongings and your money and your whole self. Expect to be loved in return, expect to be received and liked and wanted. It saves a lot of time and cuts through so much of the unnecessary. You know deep in your being that you’re worth loving, so it’s better not to pretend in an effort to “keep yourself safe”. Show up and ask questions and dig in and don’t run when things get hard, because we are certain…no, we swear to you that one day you are going to need these people. You are going to need the ones that crawl into your bed with you late at night when the tears won’t stop. You are going to need the ones that force you to eat when you think you can’t and spend the night on your couch just so you know that you aren’t alone. You are going to need the ones that push you so hard to stop choosing the lies that you finally break and finally believe. It’s this love and those people that will make you thankful in hindsight when tragedy hits or that grief overtakes, because you would never have seen this side of them otherwise. You would never have seen their capacity for love or seen our God’s love in a way that is only experienced through suffering.

We want to be able to tell you that you don’t have to work hard to experience deep friendship. We want to tell you that it’s a free gift with no strings attached so that you don’t read this and run to isolation because you’ve believed that you don’t have what it takes to push that hard and go that deep. But we can’t, it really is that hard and it takes years of sowing and messing up and fumbling through and letting everyone see you messing up and fumbling through- all those strings tangled up and all those strings attached and getting stronger and stronger. It takes you doing the horrifying thing of exposing yourself. Your whole self—all of your heart and all of your mess. Not just part of it, but the ugliest, scariest, most dreadful parts and nothing less. Not even a speck.

We think you should do it. We know it’s worth it. We’ve reaped the benefits these past couple of weeks. If we are capable of it then we know that you are capable of it too.  You will need these people one day.

Start sowing.



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